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The declutter stylist 

Helping tp enhance your space,
creating a less Cluttered Home and Work Environment.

Home Declutter & Organisation

We are organising and home-styling service that promises to turn people’s chaos into calm. The Declutter Stylist organises every space in the home, from bedrooms and kitchens, to Wardrobes and pantries. Every project receives meticulous attention to detail, carefully considered systems, creating bespoke projects to suit your lifestyle. Its not just about making your home just pretty its to make it work for you.


storage solutions

As part of our services we also source storage solutions for you – this is an optional service you may
already have all the storage you need already but just need a little guidance from us to help you..
We never buy any storage until we declutter first… Assess the space that’s left and then utilize all
space to its full potential.

planning zones

Do you struggle in planning zones in your home? We are here to help you create zones as part of our
service from play areas to office workstations. Let your home work for you. Every home has different
needs from different hobbies to different spaces to work in. Our goal is to ensure your home works
in harmony with your everyday life and routine.

Other Services

In addition to our declutter & organize services we have a bespoke team of professionals from
carpenters for that extra storage space to professional painters to freshen up your home after we
have worked our magic in creating a new space for you.


Relocation Service

Discard & Donate Service – Pre-move service designed to reduce the size of household goods
shipments and save companies money. This service also takes the stress away from clients while
preparing for their move with ease.
Unpack & Organize Service – Post-move Unpack and put-away services that help families get settled
with ease. A very popular service with corporate clients with families as it helps them get settled
more quickly and employees return to work faster.

Styling & Sourcing

Sometimes you don’t need a full interior design service it’s just a matter of looking at what you
already have in your home with a fresh eye.
My home styling and sourcing service will suggest simple but different ways to give your home a
We may suggest new furniture if needed or maybe painting or panelling a feature wall. Updating soft
furnishings with a pop of colour. For instance, it is amazing how a rug can transform a room or
lighting can change a space. That little addition of a few special pieces can transform a space
creating that home environment you always aspired to have…
Whatever your requirements you will be amazed at how different your home or how a room can
suddenly feel. This service is the perfect way to breathe fresh air in to your home and while doing so
being sustainable to the environment.

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